About Rok Kovacic

Rok is the co-owner of the company IRL TRIVIUM and a managing director of 360° Photography. Rok plays a crucial role managing photographers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Besides managing team of photographers Rok takes care for company’s growth, strategic development, new market & product penetration as well as managing daily operations and general affairs. 

About Ivo Kovacic
Ivo, Rok’s identical twin brother, is the co-owner of the company IRL TRIVIUM. Ivo is responsible for company’s financial affairs from managing cash flows to financial stability as well as liquidity.


Feel free to contact Rok & Ivo to arrange your HD Virtual Tour in Serbia

email: rok.kovacic@360-photography.si

mobile: +386 40 47 33 99

website: www.360-photography.si


IRL TRIVIUM is a modern company based on young professionals with unlimited energy and unstoppable character. Dating back to 2009 when co-owners established first outlines for todays region frontier of comprehensive multimedia solutions.

IRL TRIVIUM among others manages 360° Photography brand under which it offers top quality multimedia services being offered on all major regional markets including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Among satisfied clients one can find prestigious hotels, top restaurants, well-known car producers and their dealers, popular pubs & bars, nightclubs, fitness centers, sightseeing highlights, museum as well as famous designer shops, offices, convention centers, universities, and marketing agencies.  


  • Google Business View
  • Virtual Tours
  • Video Production
  • Aerial Photography
  • Pro Photography
  • Social Media Management



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