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Plush Global Media works with Partners throughout the world. Plush Global Media Partners are professionals in the multimedia industry and offer a wide range of services. Working with state of the art 360 degree virtual tour cameras, our Partners set the standard very high in their field.

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WALO JAY - Walo Jay Virtual Tours

As a virtual tour service Walo Joy Virtual Tours can provide you with 360° panoramic home tours as well as 360° panoramic business tours. Virtual tours are the best way to show a property to your clients from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere where they have access to a laptop, tablet or mobile device .

You can give viewers around the world an opportunity to see a property from your point of view. This will attract more clients as they can see your business much better than your competitor’s business.

Clients can sense the atmosphere of the location before they arrive. You can retain a potential client on your site longer as they are not just looking at pictures but interacting with your property/business, which makes a virtual tour more effective than still pictures.


360 degree Photographers in Spain


MANDIE BELL - Rose Marketing Solutions

Rose Marketing Solutions, located in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2008 by Ruth Ann Rose. Over the years, she has pioneered a multi-faceted marketing company by using innovative promotional strategies to build measurable brand advancement.

Rose Marketing Solutions exists to help businesses thrive by taking charge of planning, implementing and measuring their marketing efforts. With an increasing demand for ways to browse businesses while staying home, Rose Marketing Solutions has added virtual tours to their list of services.


360 degree Photographers in Spain


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