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Do you tick all the boxes?

checked-checkbox-512 Are you good at B2B sales?

checked-checkbox-512 Do you know many Real Estate Agents in your area?

checked-checkbox-512 Do you like working with an exciting and new product?

checked-checkbox-512 Do you love selling something that makes other people happy?

checked-checkbox-512 Do you want to earn a passive income forever?

checked-checkbox-512 Do you want to work with an honest & hard working company?


Do you want to earn 11.70€ per month per sale


Who are we?

Plush Global Media is a multimedia company that has developed a software platform that Real Estate Agents can use to make cost effective virtual tours of their properties.

With the introduction of more affordable and easy to handle 360º cameras, PGM has seen the demand for their software platform skyrocket and are now looking for representatives all over the world to sell this product as well as give the necessary support.

You don’t have to be a photographer nor do you have to have photographic experience for this job, all we require is that you are a seasoned Sales Person with experience who would like to represent the Plush Global Media brand in your area.

How does it work?

To earn a continuous income as a Sales Partner of Plush Global Media you will:

checked-checkbox-512 Visit your local Real Estate Agents

checked-checkbox-512 Demonstrate our easy to use My360 platform (full training is given)

checked-checkbox-512 Close the sale

checked-checkbox-512 Receive up to 30% of their monthly membership fee EVERY month for as long as the Real Estate Agent is a member of our platform.

checked-checkbox-512 Re-visit the Estate Agent on a monthly basis if necessary

checked-checkbox-512 Give support & answer questions the Estate Agent might have

checked-checkbox-512 Train the Estate Agent on how to use the camera

checked-checkbox-512 Enjoy your monthly income for the rest of your life!

What's the catch?

There’s no catch!

We are an honest and hard working company. When we make money, you make money, it’s that simple. And why should we be making money forever? Together we can achieve success a lot faster and that is why we give you your commission each month and for the rest of eternity for as long as your client is a member of our platform.

Another advantage of our platform is that once someone has signed up, they are very unlikely to leave again. Their images and properties are all in one place, they have beautiful virtual tours online and they get a great service… from you!

So this is a win-win situation. We already have many Real Estate Agents that want to sign up, but because we don’t have a representative in their area, they are on a waiting list! So don’t wait any longer, complete the form on the right and become a Plush Global Media Sales Partner today!

Since our Launch in December we already contracted partners in 46 destinations! Will you be number 47?

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