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Alain started working as a Plush Global Media Partner in 2015 when he took on the destination of Algeciras including Gibraltar. His business was such a success he soon moved on to the next destination, his birthplace, Málaga.

Alain cares about smaller businesses, and offers Google Street View Virtual Tours at an affordable price and with superb quality. Alain loves the virtual tour world and has really started to grow his business in a very short time. He realised this business is not just taking pictures, it gives him the chance to really help businesses with their online presence. He often offers small websites to his clients knowing that it will help them grow their business and this is what Alain loves so much about his job. He aims to help businesses grow and helping them do this gives him the satisfaction he needs in his job.


Feel free to contact Alain to arrange your HD Google Street View Virtual Tour in Algeciras.


mobile: +34 600 043 020

twitter: @tourvirtualmedia


head office: Algeciras

Alain Vallejo &

Alain runs his business Tour Virtual Media from his head office in Algeciras, but also has an office in the city of Málaga where he is also active as photographer.

Alain became partner with Plush Global Media, a Google trusted Agency, in 2015 when he started his business in Algeciras. He soon became very busy with Google Street View photography in this area and rapidly expanded his business to the Málaga area where he set up a second office.

Tour Virtual Media offers clients of large and small businesses Google Street View Photography as well as small basic one page websites to showcase their new virtual tour outside of Google Maps and Street View.

Alain is a professional photographer and works with the iSTAR360º camera to make his photography. His equipment is state of the art and not many photographers work with this camera in his area which gives him the advantage over his competition.

With the iSTAR360º camera, Alain can make virtual tour photography of your business in just 30 minutes, and will be able to show you his finished product within 24 hours.

With a state of the art processing software, the images are stitched almost instantly and faultless, which is why TourVirtualMedia can offer their virtual tour photography at a lower more reasonable price which is affordable for even the smallest business.

Being a partner of Plush Global Media, TourVirtualMedia has access to many Google tools such as instant Google My Business verifications, troubleshooting and connecting your new virtual tour images to Google Street View and Maps, allowing your potential customers to visit the inside of your business even before they leave the house!

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Algeciras that can add your images to Google Maps and Street View, you should give TourVirtualMedia a call. Not only will they take excellent photography, they will also give you a service of making sure your business is found online and put on the map… literally!


  • Google Street View Photography
  • Basic responsive one page websites
  • Google My Business Creation
  • Google My Business instant verification
  • Private Virtual Tours
  • Property Virtual Tours


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