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About Magdolna Murvai

Creative director of MARCOM Media in Ibiza. Maggie has worked in the media
 and PR field for 20 years. She specialized in nationwide live news broadcasting and in the music industry. 
Currently she’s managing a wide variety of virtual tours for SMEs involved in the industry 
of tourism and real estate. This also includes building brand recognition and social awareness.


About Marius Okolicsanyi

Communications director of MARCOM Media in Ibiza. Marius has spent over 10 years
 in Public Relations industry managing comprehensive projects in the fields of education, art and design, motorsport, 
investment and banking, public interest initiations, pharmaceutical, philanthropy, health and government.
He is specializing now in digital media projects which are strictly connected to virtual tour imaging and mapping.


Feel free to contact Magdolna and Marius to arrange your HD Virtual Tour in Ibiza, Spain.



mobile: (0034) 6024 70282

Address: C/ de la Mediterranea, 2. 07800 Elvissa, Illes Baleares



  • Corporate communications strategy development, planning and implementation
  • Digital content management
  • PR campaign development and implementation
  • Crisis communications management and strategy development
  • Brand management
  • Art management
  • Media analysis
  • Luxury property marketing
  • Ambient media and viral marketing campaign development and implementation
  • Digital map development
  • foto shoots
  • one-webpage


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