95% of all businesses are still unlisted on Google Street View.

 Now is your chance to take a big piece of the pie.

About Plush Global Media

A few years ago we started our own business making virtual tours for Google Street View. We had developed a great sales strategy which resulted in over 5 business virtual tours being sold, per day! We soon expanded with extra sales staff and photographers to help with the workload. This expansion however brought a new challenge, how did we manage all those clients and our staff? How could we let the client preview the virtual tours before putting them on Google Street View? We hired a top web developer and built My360, a Database Platform in which we could efficiently do all those things.

Next to virtual tours, our clients began to ask for more services online. They really needed a mobile website or help with social media/SEO. We expanded the My360 platform with these options and began to up-sell those services to the businesses that initially bought the virtual tours.

It was a great success and one night we looked at each other and said “What if we could help other people running a business like ours? and what if we let them use our My360 platform?” the rest is history. We now have over 20 partners in over 13 countries in 46 destinations and growing exponentially.

Are you looking to start a successful business of your own, but want to have a minimal investment? Then this might be the opportunity of your dreams!

Take a step into a new adventure!

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Scarlett Smits & Lee Collins

Our secret to success: My360

My360 offers everything you need to make the process of shooting and selling Virtual Tour Photography to go on Google Maps or other platforms easily and efficiently, allowing you to sell more online media services.

My360 is a sales tool developed especially for Google Street View photography and virtual tour photography. It also offers a variety of other multimedia products

  • A client database
  • Easily upload your 360 degree photos
  • Upload your images with our handy mobile sales App
  • FREE unlimited Google My Business virtual tour uploads
  • We will make your virtual tours for you for FREE! All you have to do is shoot, sell & upload!
  • Let your clients preview photos before uploading to Google Street View
  • Automated notifications, like clients approving & paying for your images
  • Create 1 page websites from your tours
  • Keep track of your sales staff
  • Easily calculate sales commissions
  • Instantly verify businesses for Google Maps
  • Create your own unlimited private virtual tours
  • Quality support, 7 days per week to help you with ANYTHING
  • Automatic inclusion in our Real Estate Affiliate program earning you a great passive income each month!
  • And much, much more!

When you start your business today we will share all our knowledge with you including:

Sales Support
  • Sales manuals

  • Sales training

  • Partner account in My360

Business Support
  • Your own one-page (mobile) website

  • Business cards

  • Partner of a Google Trusted Agency

Marketing Support
  • Listing on PlushGlobalMedia.com: free leads through the website

  • Free promotion through our network

  • Online marketing advice & support

Plush Global Media Partners sell to an average of 60% of businesses they have visited

 Start now and make money from the first day!


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